Abortion Would Be Unavailable In 5 States If This Group Is Successful

Here is a pro-abort article preaching God’s word, articulating our vision, conceding defeat and prophesying our victory. Our God is an awesome God!

by Robin Marty

January 18, 2012

11:00 pm

North Dakota. South Dakota. Wyoming. Arkansas. Mississippi. If Operation Save America has its way, all five states will be completely without access to an abortion clinic by the end of 2012.

God Discussions reports that beginning on January 22nd, the 39th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, the anti-choice group founded by Flip Benham will begin a targeted campaign to attempt to shut down clinics in states with only one abortion provider, effectively making them “abortion free states.”

According to cofounder, Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, “Let the liberation of America begin and let the church of the living God lead the way, one state at a time. Operation: First Abortion Free State seeks to apply the axe of God’s truth to the root of this idolatrous tree (abortion) in the hopes that our Lord will hear from heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our broken, wounded land.”

Benham, a well-known anti-choice zealot, has been charged twice with “criminal stalking” of providers, as he and Operation Save America post “WANTED” posters both at providers offices and in their home neighborhoods.

So how does their campaign plan to proceed on this “States of Refuge” campaign. OSA outlines their steps, which includes their initial push. “Church mailer goes out to 962 churches in the five states that have one abortion mill remaining. They will receive a cover letter, Abortion Matrix DVD, and brochure promoting the States of Refuge vision and mission.There will also be a letter and brochure sent to all the State representatives of the five states reminding them of their sacred trust to protect life and stop the shedding of innocent blood….Every abortionist and/or clinic will be sent a Gospel letter calling them to repent, a book highlighting Norma McCorvey’s conversion called Won by Love, and a States of Refuge brochure.”

They will also follow up their traditional 40 days for Life campaigns with 3 day long Bible-readings. “They will need to raise a team who will commit to reading through the entire Bible at the death camp in three days. They will unsheathe the sword of the Spirit and declare, ‘Thus saith the Lord’ at the gates of hell.”

Oh, and don’t forget the “aborted baby” funerals. “States of Refuge will lead a funeral procession and establish memorial services throughout the five states. A funeral procession carrying an aborted baby will travel through various cities of the five states and set up memorial services. At each city, we will call citizens, churches, and dignitaries to sign the Emancipation Proclamation for the Preborn Child. We will place these signatures on a scroll to unveil at the conclusion of the States of Refuge campaign.”

Reproductive health care pioneer Merle Hoffman said in a recent interview that depending on the result of the 2012 presidential election, we may end up with “free states” and “slave states” when it comes to a woman’s ability to choose. “Each and every candidate has specified unequivocally that they would overturn Roe v. Wade. And if in fact they were in the power of the presidency and had the ability to do that … we can see a pre-Roe reality … where you’d have a country where there, in my mind, are free states and slave states… Women would be coming in droves to the free states … more and more women would attempt to have illegal abortions.”

If Operation Save America has its way, we may end up with those states, anyway, simply due to lack of access.

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