Citations issued after protests

Before OSA was scheduled to come back to Jackson Hole, WY for our States of Refuge regional event, the citizens led by a pastorette formed a resistance group called Jackson United. Their deceptive slogan is “civility, love, compassion.” Not only is it a deceptive phrase that masks a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it is very limited in its scope and selective in its application. When it comes to babies ripped apart in their mother’s womb and Christians who seek to defend these voiceless, choiceless, defenseless, and fatherless children, these groups need not apply. There will be no such virtues extended to you.

After the first day of activities, there were three incidences of assault. One involved a vehicle, destruction of property, and vandalism. The pastorette created a hotline for those who cannot maintain the facade of civility, love, compassion. She wants them to be able to vent their anger, malice, and murderous spirit that condones child killing and hates those who expose it to their community.

Folks, the battle is raging. It is intense. Satan is full of fury because he knows his time is short. God is shaking the stronghold that rules the city of Jackson. By God’s grace, we will press on this year in the hopes that child murder is eradicated from Wyoming, the church in Jackson Hole is set free from the oppressive spirit of fear, and those who are lost are converted to Christ.

Citations issued after protests

The Kansas-based anti-abortion group Operation Save America displays graphic images of dead fetuses Wednesday on Town Square. The group will be protesting in various locations through Sunday. Photo by Bradly J. Boner/Jackson Hole Daily 

By Emma Breysse, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

May 17, 2012

The first day of Operation Save America’s four-day protest in Jackson was largely peaceful, with only three incidents that resulted in residents receiving citations.

A statement released by Teton County spokeswoman Charlotte Reynolds listed one careless driving citation and two for destruction of property.  Reynolds said the citations were “associated with the protests,” and included vandalism of a car, but would not release further details by press time.

Jackson Police Chief Todd Smith, who was keeping an eye on protests Wednesday, said there were “small fires” but characterized the day as uneventful.

Jackson Hole United, a newly formed community group, has been urging citizens to avoid confrontation with the protesters. Some Jackson Hole United members were out Wednesday with signs of their own, not protesting the protesters but urging people to stay away from the OSA demonstrations.

Operation Save America, a religion-based anti-abortion group, is in town until Sunday. The group wants Dr. Brent Blue to stop performing abortions. The group is known for using signs featuring images of aborted fetuses. It displayed such signs Wednesday.

Teton County dispatch received several complaints about the protests, but most were resolved without incident.

Protesters will be at the Powderhorn Mall, where Blue has an office, and on Town Square all day while they are here. Police also reported protesters near Jackson Hole Middle School just before school started Wednesday morning.

Police Sgt. Cole Nethercott, the department’s incident commander for the protests, said no protesters went to St. John’s Medical Center on Wednesday.

On the Town Square, a banner depicting aborted fetuses stretched along Cache St. Stand-up signs were set up just inside the antler arch at the intersection of Broadway and Cache. The Town Square demonstration also includes speakers and music.

The signs on the square will be moved slightly for the rest of the visit because of complaints they were blocking pedestrian traffic, according to Reynolds.    

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