Friday’s OSA Report in St. Louis

OSA States of Refuge
Daily Report St. Louis, Missouri
Friday, Sept 18th, 2015


“Mission man,” Cal Zastrow, and Doc Johnston led OSA members to the Barnes Jewish Hospital to expose the abortionist on staff. They passed out over 2,000 flyers and blanketed a car garage where the hospital staff and patients park in two days. Dr. Eisenberg kills babies at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood, while his wife kills babies at the Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois. Eisenberg was mentioned as a good source for harvested aborted baby parts on an undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress.

Jason Storms, OSA’s campus leader, and Scott Heldreth from Heart for the Next Generation led another evangelism team to universities and college campuses. Armed with signs, thousands of tracts, and the proclamation of the Gospel, they engaged the students.

Pastor Dale Sochia of Louisiana and Pastor Frank Campana of Florida oversaw the Word in Warfare team at Planned Parenthood. Word in Warfare is when Christians read the entire Bible, publicly, throughout the bloody city with the assurance God’s Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). It is both a prophetic warning and a cry for repentance. OSA members who weren’t reading the Word out loud, prayed, held signs, passed out literature, rebuked sin, and offered hope and help to those being led astray to slaughter.

While walking to Planned Parenthood, Rev. Rusty Thomas met a man named Lonnie. Sin had taken a terrible toll on his life. He was a broken man with a broken body. Since he was unable to walk, he used a scooter. Rusty reached out to Lonnie and prayed for his healing. Afterwards, Rusty ministered the Gospel and prayed for Lonnie’s salvation. His darkened eyes came to life as hope returned to his soul.

Pastor Ante Pavokic from North Carolina led a team to City Hall with Dale from Ohio. Dale set up Tom Raddell’s giant prolife display with help from the team. The mayor is a pro-abort and pro-homosexual. His office was not pleased OSA was there. The team gave out tracts and had many one-on-one ministry opportunities. Elijah Thomas of New Life Drama Company met a Mexican suffering from depression and infirmities. He allowed Elijah to share the Gospel and pray for him. Elijah also ministered the love of Christ to a homeless man.


After ministering on the streets in the morning, the OSA saints found refreshment and fellowship at Life in Christ Outreach. Lunch was provided each afternoon by various home churches and individuals. Dubbed “A Taste of St. Louis,” OSA members were spoiled by local culinary favorites such as St. Louis-style pizza, (cut in squares and with white cheeses) toasted ravioli, barbecue, and the famous St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake (the chocolate version had people going back for two and three servings).

The lunch was followed by youth workshops hosted by Jason Storms and Scott Heldreth. On Thursday, Jason warned against perpetual adolescence and encouraged the youth to walk in maturity. He used Jesus teaching in the temple at twelve years old as his biblical example. On Friday, Jason taught on the dangers of mass media and helped the youth develop critical thinking skills.

Scott expounded on the history of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. He challenged the youth to learn their history and to search out godly mentors, those who have been proved in battle. On Friday, Scott taught on the importance of discipleship and used King David and Jonathan as examples of loyalty and character.

While the youth were taught, the adults attended more ministry outreaches. On Friday, a small group of mothers passed out Gospel tracts to students at a nearby high school.

Joyce Meyers Conference

A much larger group went to the St. Louis Convention Center to hand out prolife tracts to 10,000 women attending a Joyce Meyer conference. While women waited for the conference doors to open, Pastor Ante gave a 10 minute exhortation on a sound system. He shared with the women that he hoped they would enjoy the worship and the presence of God during the conference. He then asked that they please read the tracts and to love their preborn neighbor as themselves.

Frank C met a drunk in a wheelchair. Frank challenged the man about his drunkenness. According to Frank the man was suffering from lack of vision. Frank encouraged the man to serve the Lord and gave him the task of giving out 4 tracts to the women at the conference. He did! He was hesitant at first but then he rolled his wheelchair down the sidewalk and handed them out. His demeanor changed and Frank was able to share with him the need to serve God.

Frank’s daughters led worship on the streets as about 2,000 tracts were handed out. OSA members at the outreach all say the women received the information with gratitude. Many meaningful conversations took place.

Evening Service

The evening services were held at Shiloh World Outreach in Arnold, Missouri. Pastor Rick and Lisa Wallace are kindred spirits. We were blessed by their covering and hospitality.
Pastor Dale Sochia led worship, accompanied by the Doc Johnston’s talented children and Rev. Thomas daughter, Jubilee (8). As they worshipped, Micah Thomas stood by an easel and painted what looked like an abstract work of art. At the end of the song, Micah flipped the canvas upside down to reveal a picture of Jesus on the cross. New Life Drama Company performed another skit and Elijah shared a personal testimony. When he was a young person he attended OSA events because he was MADE to. Now, as a man, he attends because it is RIGHT to.

During Friday’s evening service, Pastor Ante taught on the “Holiness of God.” As he did so, the weight of the Lord fell. The kabod (God’s holy glory) was so strong it made it awkward to continue the service, to the point Rev. Rusty Thomas refused to take up an offering. Instead, he gave an altar call and encouraged the saints to allow the Lord to work in their lives.

After Pastor Ante spoke, Bishop Otis Kenner preached on the “Defining Moment,” the Christian response in times of spiritual, national crisis. He used the biblical examples of Esther, Mordecai, and Haman, to challenge the saints to stand for the Lord regardless of personal cost. It was a powerful exhortation that had the saints jumping to their feet at the end of the sermon.