Gas firm sues abortion clinic to regain tanks

Here is an article from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Friday, January 20, 2012. Remember Welsco, the company that was delivering containers of gas to the abortion mill in Little Rock? When they found out that they were doing business with an abortion mill, they asked for their tanks back and made it clear that all business ties with the mill would be severed. When the police came to help the company recover the containers, they were asked to leave the premises. Welsco is now having to sue the abortion mill to get their empty containers back. What a “good neighbor” the abortion industry is.


Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Gas firm sues abortion clinic to regain tanks

A North Little Rock gas-supply company is suing Arkansas’ only surgical-abortion provider, asking a judge to force Little Rock Family Planning Services Clinic to return gas containers leased from the company.

The lawsuit by Welsco Inc. was filed Tuesday in Pulaski County Circuit Court. The three-page complaint asks Judge Alice Gray to force the clinic on Office Park Drive to return 13cylinders used for nitrous oxide and medical grade oxygen that Welsco rented to the clinic in December.

The suit says Welsco, represented by Richard Donovan of the Rose Law Firm,’ stopped supplying the gases to the clinic and asked for the containers back, but the clinic refused. No hearings have been scheduled, and clinic officials have not responded to the lawsuit.

According to a Jan. 6 Little Rock police report, officers were called to die clinic by Welsco representative Aaron Campbell when he was re-buffed by clinic workers in his efforts to collect the containers.

Clinic director Lori Williams refused Campell’s offer of a refund and told police she’d purchased the tanks and wasn’t returning them until she could find a new supplier, the report states. Officers found no indication of wrongdoing (The abortion Industry never does wrong, right?).

States of Refuge Arkansas Leader, Pastor Mark Kiser’s Report

Here is a brief video clip of ministering to the security guard at the last remaining abortion mill in Arkansas.

It was a very busy day at Little Rock Family Planning as they killed 25 on that day. Wayne, the security guard, was the first to arrive and he wasn’t overly happy we were already there. As a matter of fact, he told me, “You need to shut up,” and that I had “nothing he needed to hear.” Pray for Wayne, I do believe God is working on him. Later that morning we were joined by Marry Huey and Jody Hagen, both local Christians standing for the pre-born.

The abortionist, Tom Tveden, showed up around 8:30 am just missing hitting me with his car. (I guess he was in a hurry to get to work.) He heard the gospel as he was entering the building. He turned and came out by the side of the building and shouted: “You stand for death….I am standing for life!” Yes…that is the exact words he used. I need someone to explain what he meant. He stands for life?????

At noon we headed to Quitman AR. hometown of Tom Tveden. In December we had done an outreach there to share with the locals the nature of Mr. Tveden business.

As we began to visit with a few of the locals, we could tell the spirit had changed. Many did not want to talk about it at all. They were not rude, just didn’t want talk.

We did go to the police station where we were told by the police that the Tveden’s were very upset about the outreach and wanted charges pressed against us. Police told them that we did nothing illegal and they could not and would not bring charges against us. He, the police officer, also told us that Mrs. Tveden was very close to having assault charges brought against her for pushing and grabbing a postal worker over the flyers being sent to “so many” houses in the Quitman area! All is not well in quite little Quitman, Arkansas.

After that, we headed back to Little Rock for fellowship and rest.

On Sunday morning we attended Redeemer Community Fellowship where Rich and Jody Hagen attend. The lead Pastor there is Bob Lepine of Family Life Today. Rich was allowed to speak for a few minutes on States of Refuge and then we were allowed to pass out States of Refuge brochures to the folks as they left the church. In all we passed out about 120. Mr. Lepine and I had a great conversation and maybe, just maybe, the door will be opened for more work there. Please pray that I would get another opportunity to speak with him!
Sunday afternoon we headed to the March for Life in down town Little Rock. They estimated around 3000 in attendance. We were able to hand out about 900 States of Refuge brochures and 500 typed copies of the States of Refuge Press Release.

This is where I was told by a local Catholic why they were NOT at the clinic Saturday. It was because I was there! Ouch! Little-O-Mark from Springfield, Mo. kept the locals from coming out to defend life? She said they did not like our preaching or signs. I replied without thinking, “neither does Satan.” We finished our conversation by me telling her I would be at their 40 Days for Life kickoff rally Feb. 19 and that I sure would like to speak! Let’s see where that goes.

As the people were leaving, I had the opportunity to talk with Rose Mimms. Rose is the State Director for Arkansas Right to Life. Man, she is not a big fan of Rusty, Flip, or OSA….and I guess….now me! She did however agree to sit down with me in Feb. and see how we could work together. Maybe come to a compromise. We closed our conversation by me telling her that we can NEVER compromise the gospel and that Jesus was, is and always will be THE STANDARD! (I am not very good at building bridges.)

I want to close this report with telling you about Ken Frymire! This was Ken’s first visit to an abortion clinic! He has been a Christian for years, but never challenged to take his faith “out into the streets.” In the past year, Ken has heard Pastor Mark Holick, Flip Benham and Coach Dave preach. He has heard all of them say we MUST go and stand for the babies. On Sunday evening on our way back to Springfield, Ken said, “I get it now…..I get it! The Church has to show up. If just half of those at the March for Life would come out to the clinic……it would be shut down in just a few days. I can’t wait to tell my wife……..I got to get her down here!” ~Another warrior for the pre-born children!!!!!!!!

We will be doing our “Word in Warfare” in Little Rock, May 4-5-6, 2012. If any of the saints would like to join us please let me know!

Mark Kiser



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