Hymn-Singing Christians Hospitalized After Being Pepper-Sprayed at Mississippi’s Last Abortion Mill



Hymn-Singing Christians Hospitalized After Being Pepper-Sprayed at Mississippi’s Last Abortion Mill 

Brother Cal Zastrow, Jimmy, his son, and Pastor Doug Lane suffered an assault today by an aggressive security guard at the last remaining abortion mill in Mississippi today. The Devil and his crowd are full of fury because their time is short. May the Lord use this assault and suffering to hasten the day of their demise in Jesus’ name! Read about it here.

Quit Ye Like Men

To those who are interested, here is the link to the article published by News With Views. Special thanks to Coach Dave Daubenmire for submitting the article.

Spying Out the Land

Tomorrow, I head to Florida and join the saints in Orlando, FL for their Roe vs. Wade Memorial Services. Today, we had a spectacular day spying out the land in New Orleans, LA as a possible location for our national event this year. Pastor Bill Shanks, Pastor Dale Sochia, and I went to the different hot spots throughout the city and every where we went heaven came down as hell broke loose. Demons were manifesting and screaming as we preached and prayed God’s word.

One of the stops was the former church that was turned into an abortion mill. Once again, thieves and robbers had entered into God’s sanctuary to kill, steal, and destroy. We had a prayed God would shut down this house of horrors and restore it back to a house of holiness. We are pleased to report all the clinic’s equipment is packed up and they are ready to be driven out. The first part of the prayer is fulfilled. We are now looking to God to answer the last part. That place of death would be cleansed and the life, love, and light of Christ would be restored. Pastor Dale will be working on seeing if we can secure the building to host our national event in July. You talk about Satan being crushed under our feet. WOW! 

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