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Rachel’s Park Memorial Work Days
Tomorrow, Friday, February 22, will be the first day scheduled to repair the damage perpetrated against Rachel’s Park Memorial. The materials will be delivered by Lowes at 9 AM. The next day, Saturday, February 23, there is another day scheduled to help restore the park. If you plan on coming to one or two of the days, please contact us and let us know. Thank you! 
The address is 4720 N 19th St. The park is right across the street from McLennan Community College. Our goal is to have the park ready for a rededication service on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013. 
We are working on the last edit of our newest book, Abortion Violation: America’s Premiere National Security Issue. I hope today to finish this project and send it back to our publisher. The book should be ready for release in about 4 weeks. We pray God will greatly use this book to convict hearts, change minds, and recruit more good soldiers of Christ in the battle for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our nation.
States of Refuge Update
There is much happening at these battleground states as we seek to establish the first abortion free state in America. 
Update by Cal Zastrow 
What does an abortuary do when they are losing money from fewer moms murdering their babies?  How do they cope with so much praying and preaching on the sidewalks surrounding them?  When the Department of Health revokes their license and prepares to shut them down; when the Governor and some pastors declare that they are taking steps toward that end, what is a deathpit to do?   The last remaining surgical baby-killing center in all of Mississippi, The Jackson Women’s Health Organization, handles their problems by pepper-spraying Christians and applying pink paint to their property.  Some are calling it “Pepto Bismol Pink,” while others would describe the color shade as “Pig’s Ear Pink.”  (Folks in Mississippi know that you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear). April 4 will be the arraignment for Roy Benjamin, the security guard who assaulted a small group of peaceful Christians with pepper-spray on January 23rd.  Instead of being charged with what he actually did, aggravated assault of a minor, he will be charged with “simple assault.”  You can watch the assault here:
Since early January, Mississippians have been having Church on the street daily in front of the mill.  They will continue to have Church every Sunday afternoon and on the three days each week that the mill is open.  Updates and schedules can be found at :
More pro-lifers are coming out to the sidewalks to minister.  Four new pastors have begun preaching on the streets, and more are returning who have helped in the past.  Here is a photo of Rescuer Keith Tucci with Cal Zastrow and three of his children taken in early February.  The Zastrows are daily storming the gates of hell in Jackson.

The Mississippi Department of Health has revoked the license of the JWHO, but the JWHO is murdering babies while they appeal.  More Mennonites and Methodists, Presbyterians and Pentecostals, are now standing up for Jesus and the babies in front of this killing place.  God is blessing the repentance and obedience of faithful Christians who are showing up to trust God to make theirs the very first State to close down all of their surgical abortuaries.   Says Cal Zastrow: “Six have been closed.  There is only one left.  Let’s trust God and go close it.” 

While the culture of death angrily sprays pepper and splashes pink paint, the Zastrows and Pro-Life Mississippi are shouting REVIVAL and peacefully pushing to become the first State to protect every preborn baby, by love and by law.

North Dakota 

Note from Dr. Pat McEwen, February 11, 2013 

North Dakota has passed a no exceptions Personhood Bill in the ND State Senate – The ND House will still have to vote on their version but the House is more prolife than the Senate. The following is from our friend Dan Becker, Field Rep for Personhood USA and President of Georgia Right to Life. Dan perfected his model of working with State legislators in Georgia to be truly pro-life not just pro-some life. 

“ALL passed with NO exceptions! In fact last year’s Personhood Bill HB 1450 did have a Rape & Incest exception but we defeated 4 longtime Senators in the primary and nobody was willing to offer the exceptions again this year. We direct mailed every voter in their district with a hard-hitting mail piece. The ND Senate Majority Leader was reported to admit it scared the rest of the Senators. This is what I have been saying . . . the prolife movement needs to establish the standard and require all politicians to acknowledge.” 

The Sword of the Spirit has been unsheathed in North Dakota and God is watching over His Word to perform it. This was accomplished by changing the hearts of the legislators. Now the battle for North Dakota is on. Changing the hearts of the legislators is one step BUT we must change the hearts of the people of North Dakota or we will see delays and non-enforcement and all other tricks of the pro-death agenda. This change takes place, not in the halls of the legislature, but on the streets, in the market place and right at the gates of hell. That is what we do best! Will North Dakota be a State of Refuge? We are calling to gather Jesus’ gentle warriors in October, 2013, to storm the gates of hell – see you there. 

Here is what Gualberto Garcia Jones, Legal Counsel, Personhood USA, had to say about the ND senate victory:

North Dakota Takes A Major Step Toward History

Justice delayed is justice denied.

That pithy summary of all we hold to be true at Personhood USA has become our rallying cry. As the largest personhood organization in America, we have carried the fight to end abortion to all fifty states, and around the world. Our rally cry has particularly caught on in North Dakota where the state Senate has just passed a constitutional amendment to protect all life and a ban on abortion!

Several weeks ago North Dakota lawmakers introduced SB 2302, a bill that would establish that children in the embryonic stage must be treated ethically and with dignity. Today that bill passed and is headed to a vote in the North Dakota House of Representatives. While this is great news, it has set up a major battle in the state as the corrupt abortion industry and their allies in the unregulated fertility industry have let loose a cannonade of lies to intimidate pro-life legislators.

This is a battle that we welcome, and we wear the attacks from the abortion industry and their allies in North Dakota as a badge of honor! The pro-lifers in North Dakota supported by Personhood North Dakota have reshaped the public perception of abortion and elevated the sanctity of life.

Win or lose, one thing that you can be sure of is that we will continue to fight to put an end to abortion in the Flickertail State once and for all! As Winston Churchill said about Great Britain’s struggle against the Nazi’s in World War II, we say about the fight against the culture of death.:

“We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in Gods good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.” 

New Documentary 

Sometime soon, we will be working on a new documentary project. The film makers have asked 6 important questions that will be answered on film. The following gives you a synopsis of the film project. Brethren, we covet your prayers as we seek to pour out our lives in service to our Great King. 

Hello Brother,

This is Dave Griffin I’m a friend of Jeff Rose.  Jeff informed me that you have agreed to do an interview for the Camden Movie.  I wanted to personally thank you for this generous offer and for kindly taking time out of your busy schedule to do this.  I know your time is precious and I am very grateful that you would agree to help out with this film. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Here is brief synopsis of the documentary to give you an idea of what we’re seeking to accomplish with the film. 

Camden has been rated as the most dangerous city in America.  It once was a Christian community founded and governed upon christian principles and was also a family oriented, safe and desirable place to live, but over time it has become a corrupt and violent city.  We want to parallel Camden with America and show how this nation also had the same Christian beginnings and has also increasingly become corrupt.  We want to show that just as sin and corruption flow from a sinful corrupt heart, Camden is the metaphorical heart of America.  America is the self righteous white washed tomb, and Camden is the rotting carcass inside.  Even though there’s so many churches in Camden and America they’re getting worse… we want to show what happens to a city on the smaller scale and also the nation on the larger scale when the true Gospel is perverted and lost.  Individual government breaks down, then family government and also civil government.  But we don’t want to just leave the viewer discouraged, we want to give the solution to the problem.


1) How does a city like Camden that was once a Christian community, go from being a safe desirable place to live, to now being one of the most violent and corrupt cities in America?

2) What happened to America, how did the U.S go from being a Christian nation to what it is today?

3) There are literally hundreds of churches in Camden… it seems like there’s a church on every street corner, yet the crime and violence in Camden are increasingly getting worse at a rapid pace, how is that possible?  Shouldn’t all of these churches have some effect on this city… are these churches missing something, have they lost something essential?

4) There’s an estimated 300,000+ churches in America and there are more christian book stores, radio stations and television programs than anywhere else, and yet this nation is increasingly becoming more wicked and corrupt at a rapid pace, how is that possible?  Shouldn’t all of this “christian” presence have some effect on this nation?

5) Many pastors and ministers today believe education, government schools, civil government and a host of other things are neutral ground, and they say it either doesn’t matter if Christians participate in them or they say we shouldn’t get involved in speaking out against them.  Is there any “neutral ground”  or territory that is off limits to the Gospel… what are the far reaching implications of the Gospel?  Is Jesus only king of the individual Christian heart, or is He King over everything and every area of life? 

6) Is there any hope for Camden… is there any hope for America?

Thank you again brother… Grace and Peace!

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