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While I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming sharing with the leadership of OSA the updated report on the progress of the States of Refuge campaign, Tom Raddell, from Lifelink shared the following testimony. No sooner did the Missionaries to the Preborn end their Truth Tour, Tom and his team came rushing in. Enjoy!
Sioux Falls, SD:
The Life Link team arrived in Sioux Falls May 9th, Wed. Eve after a 15 hour journey from Cleveland. Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford of Rescue Rochester met up with Tom and Dale in Cleveland then made the journey west. In Sioux Falls we were given a permit to set up the display in Sherman Park, but after seeing the park, the lack of foot traffic, and the lack of vehicle traffic, we decided not to set up the Justice for the Unborn Display but rather go to the Planned Parenthood center located across the 4 lane avenue from Roosevelt High School. There 2 young men who met us from Roosevelt. Josh and George’s first word were, “Do you know Rev. Thomas and Coach Dave? Your visit there touched these young men. They stood with us and gave up there lunch break to hold signs and be a witness to their school mates and to the city on that busy road.

We met and saw a couple drive into Planned Parenthood and attempted to reach them. We saw the medical waste truck drive in. We were there until lunch time and determined to go back at the school to stand on the school side of the road and distribute The Abortion Violation Tract and DVD’s. The school principal came out accompanied by the Police Resource Office to let us know that the sidewalk was our limit. We were able to converse with a few students and hold the graphic images of aborted babies and bear witness to the truth to the police and the school principal.

The next day we were able to again stand at the gates of the school as the students were coming in. We declared the truth to the students and administrators at Roosevelt High School and the Lincoln High School across town. Here we met two young ladies who needed our witness and God only knows whether they embraced the truth or not.

Cheyenne, WY:

On to Cheyenne on Monday, May 13th, we set up the complete Justice display on the Wyoming State Supreme Court’s front lawn facing the state capital building. We had some divine appointments. A messianic Jewish minister, who prays with the state legislators and the governor, said he would take the message in and invite the governor to see the display. A limo did drive by that afternoon. It was possibly the governor.
However, the Wyoming State Assistant Superintendent of School stopped at the display. She was moved emotionally, looked, studied the display and thanked us for coming to the state and showing this. She met with Tom and the team and said it was needed. She wanted to know about States of Refuge, who we were and again thanked us.  She took the DVD the Abortion Violation Tract and said she would pass them on after she viewed them.
There was a man with her that said that the display changed his life. It appears viewing the display convinced him that it was time to get involved. He was going to enter the arena to fight for righteousness and run for office. Both were very moved by the display and the testimonies and preaching at the gates of the state capital. Another man saw the display and stated he would seek to get financial help for States of Refuge and recruit friends to join us in Jackson, WY this Sat. The local paper came by to interview us and take picture of the display. God added to us the grace and anointing needed to sow the word and now we wait to see the fruits.It was privilege to stand and speak and show the truth on this tour with States of Refuge and Life Link.
Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Mike Warren

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