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  “To make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”  (Luke 1:17)
Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn, 

Something wonderful is beginning to emerge as we enter the 40th year anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. The word the Lord spoke to me is coming to pass. When Obama was re-elected the Lord declared, “Now see what I will do” (Exodus 6:1)! Abortion mills are shutting down left and right. All the States of Refuge, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming are racing to become the first abortion free states in America.
God is moving as well to recruit good soldiers of Jesus Christ into the battle for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our nation. Here is a sample of what God is doing.


Eight years ago, the Lord introduced me to open-air preaching. In 2005, my family and I entered into what many would call “full-time ministry”and with that we never looked back. JeremiahCry Ministries was born.


This was a ministry that was designed to glorify God, and to worship Him by the public proclamation of His Name to all people and all nations. Gathering preachers from around the world united in one calling and one purpose.


Our philosophy was simple. First, to gather a team globally, united together, and sent by the Local church. Then second, to herald and thunder out the Word of God into every area of life, including colleges campuses, street corners, city centers, pulpits and anywhere else which came into striking distance.


Our JCM team consists of leaders throughout the United States and United Kingdom. The nation of Scotland has been a great sharpening stone in which to give JCM the edge it has today. God has used the city of Glasgow to really forge and shape this ministry. The greater the adversity, the greater integrity that is built.


The consistent exposure to pressure and hostility that lurks within these kind of places adds an edge to a preachers life that can hardly be matched…until the Lord exposed me to an area of ministry that had been entirely neglected.


With all our preaching, and all our involvement with the lost and the Church, we missed the most important ministry of all…babies…yes, those who are continually being drawn off to death…to abortion mills.


This, by far, has been the most intense and life draining ministry I have ever been part of. It also is by far the most fruitful and rewarding.


I remember my good friend of mine, Pat Necerato from GoStandSpeak Ministries, had introduced to me a ministry that was on the frontlines of the abortion fight. I met the minister that was helping to lead this movement and I was shaken to the core by his brokenness for the pre-born. It made a deep impression on me. Rusty Lee Thomas from Elijah Ministries was the man and his ministry. I would watch from a distance as Rusty would battle from state to state, fighting for lives of the pre-born. This particular ministry really embodied a balanced, yet fearless approach to the pro-life movement. It was ferocious in it’s valiant attempts to save babies, but tender in their appeal to the lost. 


Also, around that time I was given a tract from a friend named Michael Marcavage from Repent America. The tract had a picture on it of little children, and exposed the evils of abortion. Because I am a family man with little children, it cut me right to the heart. My conscience could no longer bear the pain of knowing what was going on all around me.


I began to ask God to put a burden upon me forth these little babies being killed everyday in these murder camps all over our nation. He did just that! God not only got a hold of my heart, but my entire family!


I felt many things like guilt, remorse, conviction, anger, and sadness. However, above all, I sensed a new desire to get into the fight!I came to the sobering reality of my indifference and total disregard for children being murdered. I realized I had been fighting many good battles, but in my zeal missed the battle that was taking place right under my nose, right in my back yard. I had to repent of my silence for the preborn, and in return, speak up.  


From this point forward, we as a family and ministry, make saving babies and getting in the fight to end abortion a primary direction of JCM.


The following testimony comes from a captain in the Tulsa, OK police department. His name is Travis Yates. He has a ministry called Ten Four Ministries. This ministry reaches out to first responders, such as, SWAT, police officers, and firefighters with the Gospel of the Kingdom. It was Ten Four Ministries that chose our first book, The Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual as book of the year.


Travis Yate’s Testimony


I went to the Abortion (murder) Clinic again this morning & met a couple that has been faithfully going and street counseling/witnessing for 20 years. They have done much by themselves & Bill (This is Bill and Ruth Darr, precious friends in the ministry)told me today that there have been no Christians to help until recently. I’m heartbroken at my own disregard. I have repented of my failure to intervene & I told this couple this morning that I was sorry. I’m sorry I have not been there. I’m calling all Christians to action. There is murder occurring within miles of you. There is but one murder clinic & hundreds of churches in this city. These 2 faithful servants need to be turned into 200 or 2000. Babies are being murdered in this city because the church is ignoring it…because I have ignored it. Christian, this is boots on the ground. This is the battle of our generation. This evil is having its way with our children, God’s Children. We must stand in the gap. I ask you to join me now. Please message me & I will give you details on how you can help.


Captain Yates posted this on Facebook right after he went out to the abortion mill. In fact, he went the extra mile and actually created a Facebook page called  Abolitionist Society of Tulsa. Once I saw this, I wrote to him to encourage him in the battle. This was his response, “Thank you Rusty for all of your work, encouragement and inspiration, God used you in my life to get me into this battle.”
R C Sproul’s Message 
While storming the gates of hell in Orlando, FL, we had the privilege to serve our King at the abortion mills with R C Sproul Jr. The following message come from his Dad. Please take the time to listen and then rejoice that God is convicting men of God to rise up and speak out against this evil savaging our nation. 

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Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

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