Participating Ministries

Each ministry participating in this vision maintains their autonomy and operates under its own auspices. At different times and locations in the five states, participating ministries will fulfill their part of the on-going campaign. They will be mainly responsible to help fund, recruit volunteers, and lead their efforts. States of Refuge will endeavor to spiritually cover, assist and promote their activities when possible.

The following is a draft of possible participating ministries. Order, times, dates, and locations will be solidified later.

1. States of Refuge: Email and Mailing campaign to the churches in the cities of the states that host the abortion mill.       Predominantly African-American congregations will receive a copy of Maafa 21 DVD, a cover letter, and a States of Refuge brochure. Predominantly Caucasian congregations will receive a copy of The Abortion Matrix DVD, a cover letter, and a States of Refuge brochure. Besides our national press release on January 22nd, 2012 announcing States of Refuge, this will be the first act to kick off the campaign.

2. Fasting and Prayer: There will be two scheduled times to fast and pray during the States of Refuge campaign. There will be one scheduled in the spring of 2012 and one in the fall of the same year.

3. Operation Save America: Sometime during 2012, perhaps in early summer, OSA will conduct regional events in each state. Five leaders will be responsible for a weeklong event in each state, which will include street activities during the day and rallies at night. Our national event will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, during the Democratic National Convention in late August and early September.

4. Missionaries to the Preborn: Truth Tours will be conducted in at least the three northern states, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. The Southern states, Arkansas and Mississippi, may be included as well. If not, States of Refuge will seek to cover the southern states, Arkansas and Mississippi with a Truth Tour.

5. Created Equal and/or Repent America: These ministries will be responsible to set up Pro-life displays on the major college campuses and engage college students with the truth of the Gospel and Pro-life message in the five states.

6. Word in Warfare Ministries: Rev. Chet Gallagher will lead five teams to each remaining abortion mill and read aloud the entire Bible at the gates of hell.

7. Go Stand Speak Ministries/Operation Freedom: Pat Necerato of Go Stand Speak Ministries will lead an army of street preachers to each state sometime during the campaign.

8. Jeremiah Cry/Operation Freedom: Jeff Rose of Jeremiah Cry Ministries working in concert with Pat Necerato will help lead an army of street preachers to each state sometime during the campaign.

9. Personhood: Cal Zastrow, Personhood, and/or Rev. Chet Gallagher current board member of Personhood USA will work to establish Personhood in each of the five state’s constitution.

10. Life Chain: Royce Dunn, Director of Life Chain, has agreed to put special emphasis on the five states to support the States of Refuge effort.

11. Repent America: Michael Marcavage has agreed to gather intelligence and expose the waste management companies that service the last remaining abortion mill in each state.

12. LifeLink Ministries/Pro-life Display: Tom Raddell, Director of LifeLink, has made available his professional, powerful pro-life display to be used throughout the campaign at various venues.

13. Pass the Salt Ministries: Coach Dave Daubenmire

14. Doctors for Life

15. Life Coalition International

There will be other ministries and opportunities that may join the effort as the vision and mission spreads.