Tentative Schedule for OSA’s States of Refuge Campaign 2013




Tentative Schedule for OSA’s States of Refuge Campaign 2013 

(Notice: time and events are subject to change)

1) Jackson, Mississippi: We are inching closer to the first abortion Free State. We may need to go back like the minute men of old to help secure this victory. Be ready to move when the call is proclaimed.

2) National Event, July 24-31, 2013: Rochester, NY has been chosen for this year’s national event. Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford need our help to break up some strong demonic strongholds. They are praying that our coming will revive the church and the ministry needed to defeat child sacrifice in their communities.

3) Washington DC national call: When the firstfruits of the States of Refuge campaign comes to pass and the Lord secures the first abortion free state, we will give the call to come to Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial for the national unveiling of the Emancipation Proclamation for the Preborn Child. There may also be a meeting at the Capitol to unveil the scroll of signatures reminiscent of William Wilberforce unveiling the signatures in Parliament calling for the end of slavery.

4) North Dakota and South Dakota, October: We are planning a regional event sometime in the fall that will cover two of the States of Refuge, North Dakota and South Dakota. North Dakota stands on the verge of passing a personhood amendment. A call to rescue may be in order. The two cities that house the death camps, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Fargo, North Dakota are three and a half hours from each other.

5) There may be other opportunities this year, (Wichita, KS) but this covers most of the year. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. God bless you all as we run the race of faith together and trust the Lord to watch over his Word as we proclaim it throughout our nation in Jesus’ name!


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