Tentative Schedule for OSA’s States of Refuge Campaign 2013 

(Notice: time and events are subject to change)

1) Jackson, Mississippi: We are inching closer to the first abortion Free State. We may need to go back like the minute men of old to help secure this victory. Be ready to move when the call is proclaimed.

2) National Event, July 24-31, 2013: Rochester, NY has been chosen for this year’s national event. Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford need our help to break up some strong demonic strongholds. They are praying that our coming will revive the church and the ministry needed to defeat child sacrifice in their communities.

3) Washington DC national call: When the firstfruits of the States of Refuge campaign comes to pass and the Lord secures the first abortion free state, we will give the call to come to Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial for the national unveiling of the Emancipation Proclamation for the Preborn Child. There may also be a meeting at the Capitol to unveil the scroll of signatures reminiscent of William Wilberforce unveiling the signatures in Parliament calling for the end of slavery.

4) North Dakota and South Dakota, October: We are planning a regional event sometime in the fall that will cover two of the States of Refuge, North Dakota and South Dakota. North Dakota stands on the verge of passing a personhood amendment. A call to rescue may be in order. The two cities that house the death camps, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Fargo, North Dakota are three and a half hours from each other.

5) There may be other opportunities this year, (Wichita, KS) but this covers most of the year. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. God bless you all as we run the race of faith together and trust the Lord to watch over his Word as we proclaim it throughout our nation in Jesus’ name!

Roe v. Wade 40th year Anniversary

Plans are being made to give a national call to come to Jackson, MS for the 40th year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. With the advent of Obama’s re-election, it is clear Washington DC will not hear the Christian/Pro-life message. The federal beast has chosen death to solve our economic and moral problems. A different strategy is in order. The States of Refuge campaign believes we must first win the battle in the heavenlies and locally on a state level to prepare the way for the day when Washington DC will have no choice but to accept the Christian/Pro-life message as the new law of the land.

Out of the five States of Refuge (Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming) with one death camp remaining defiling our land, Mississippi is on the verge of making history in this battle for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our nation. There is a possibility Mississippi will become the first abortion free state right before the 40th year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. States of Refuge believes this is the chosen spot to memorialize those lost to the American holocaust and shout from the roof tops the victory of our Lord! Those who have eyes to see, please see this powerful opportunity set before us. Hope to see you there in Jesus’ name!

Open Letter

Currently, we are working on publishing an open letter to the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The ad will run three times starting on May 7th, and run again on May 9th, and 12th to prepare the way for our scheduled return to Jackson Hole May 16-20th.

State Representative Mailer

We are also getting ready to send out a mailer to all the state representatives in the five states (Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming) that comprise the States of Refuge mission promoting The Emancipation Proclamation for the Preborn Child. 

One of our major goals this year is to gather as many signatures as possible to unveil as a scroll at the Lincoln Memorial on January 1st, 2013. The date is significant. Abraham Lincoln signed the first Emancipation Proclamation on this date 150 years ago. We need others to copy this document, collect signatures, and return them to States of Refuge, P.O. Box 3126, Waco, TX 76707. Thank you!

Church Mailer

We are working on the next mailer to the churches of the five states that comprise the States of Refuge campaign. This time we will be emphasizing “The National Emanicipation Procalmation for the Preborn Child. Each church will receive a cover letter, Rev. Flip Benham’s teaching, A Study in National Repentance, and a copy of the Proclamation to copy, distribute, and sign.

All this year we will be seeking to accumulate as many signatures as possible to place on a scroll to unveil at the Lincoln Memorial on January 1st, 2013. The date is significant on two counts. January 1st, 2013 will be the 150th year anniversary of President Lincoln signing the first Emanicipation Proclamation. January 2013 will also usher in the 40th year anniversary of the infamous Roe. vs. Wade Supreme Court Decision that unleashed the hell of child-killing upon our blood-stained land.

We need others to promote this document and gather signatures all this year. We pray you will help in this noble endeavor. Thanks!

Word in Warfare Opportunities

The States of Refuge campaign continues to march on. The next major push in implementing the vision is called Word in Warfare. Brother Chet Gallagher (Our state leader in Mississippi), based upon his study of Scripture, devised this battle strategy in spiritual warfare to be employed at the gates of hell throughout the land.

The Word in Warfare mission is designed to inspire Christians to unsheathe the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and declare, “Thus Saith the Lord” by reading aloud the entire Bible at key gates. In this instance, it will be employed at the five states, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming at the one death camp remaining that defiles our land. Each state leader will commence this aspect of the States of Refuge campaign on different dates.

Chet Gallagher in Jackson, Mississippi and Coach Dave Daubenmire in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, will kick their Word in Warfare assignment off on April 2, 3, and 4th. This is a strategic time. The Spring Forty Days for Life ends on April 1st. Right after this time of fasting and prayer, Word in Warfare will unleash God’s Word. We are praying God’s Word will go forth in power to defeat this evil that murders babies, enslaves the workers of iniquity, defiles our land, and invokes God’s judgement upon our nation.

Remember the power of God’s word according to Jeremiah. Jeremiah 1:9, 10 declares, “Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said to me, Behold, I have put my words in your mouth. See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.” God’s Word spoken by God’s people in faith can root up what is evil and plant what is good in God’s sight.

Pastor Mark Holick in Jackson Hole, Wyoming plans on commencing the Word in Warfare on April 27, 28, and 29th. Pastor Mark Kiser in Little Rock, Arkansas plans on initiating Word in Warfare on May 4, 5, and 6th. Cal Zastrow is still working on the dates for Fargo, North Dakota. As soon as he gets them to me, I’ll pass them unto you.

All these state leaders need volunteers to come and boldly delcare God’s Word to the principalities and powers dominating these abortion mills. Please pray about supporting this next phase of the campaign in some manner. These men and this ministry need prayer. Let them know you are praying. These men need team members to stand with them to wield the sword of the Spirit in the battle for the souls of men, the lives of babies, and the future of our nation. Please try to come and participate if at all possible. Each team leader needs about 20 team members optimum and 10 team members minimum. Help send them if you cannot go yourself with financial support. You can send your donations to States of Refuge, P.O. Box 3126, Waco, TX 76707 or donate online at www.statesofrefuge.org.

To contact these men to volunteer to pray or participate in one of these states, here are their email addresses. For those who can help in Jackson, Mississippi on April 2, 3, and 4th contact Chet Gallagher at chetgallagher@gmail.com. For those who can help in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on April 2, 3, and 4th, contact Coach Dave at coach@ptsalt.com. For those who can help in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on April 27, 28, and 29th, contact Pastor Mark Holick at pastor@spiritonecc.org. For those who can help in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 4, 5, and 6th, contact Pastor Mark Kiser at pastormarkkiser@yahoo.com. For those who would be willing to help Cal Zastrow in Fargo, North Dakota once we establsih tha dates contact Cal at calzastrow@hotmail.com.

God willing, I plan on participating in four of the five Word in Warfare events. Since there is a conflict in schedule with the April 2, 3, and 4th, dates, I plan on joining Coach in South Dakota. With all dispatch, please pass on this strategic ministry opportunity and call your friends, family, and churches to help get boots on the ground in these five states during this next phase of the States of Refuge campaign. Thanks!